16 06 2009

Over the years whenever I’ve said “unemployment is good,” I’ve found I often need to qualify the statement. I don’t mean the suffering of those put out of work is good, or I don’t mean that lazing around doing nothing or living an unfulfilled life is good. I am talking about unemployment as an economic indicator. Usually unemployment is seen as a sign of something wrong with our economy. What I am saying is that it is a sign of an opportunity so great that it could help transform our world.

Most of the posts on this blog look at this issue from various perspectives. For me writing about it helps to develop my understanding of the question. I’m beginning to see that there is something here staring us in the face with it’s obviousness yet we remain oblivious. As the saying goes we have eyes but do not see.




One response

31 03 2012

hey, you make so much sense – I have struggled to find anybody who actually has these views and beliefs about the world! I am 18 years old but I feel I can already see so many problems with our society,I hope to find more people with a shared belief such as yourself – we need a culture change!

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